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The team displays recent recognitions: CSPA Gold Medalists (national competition), NESPA 2nd Place All-New England, NESPA "Highest Honor" overall quality, NESPA "Special Achievement" for Theme and Cover Design, and 3rd place in the "Lifetouch National School Studios Yearbook Showcase Contest" for all of the U.S. and Canada.




Common Yearbook Q&A -and- Order Forms

1. Yearbook Order Forms:

Only use the form(s) below if within the deadline shown (outdated forms will be returned):

Order a Yearbook
First day of school sale: Click Here (No longer accepting)
Prior to Nov 1st: Click Here
After Nov 1st: Click Here
After Mar 1st: Click Here

For Seniors
Convenient Senior Checklist: Click Here
Sep 1st, Quote Form:Click Here

Oct 10th, Baby Photo AD:Click Here
Date TBA, Senior Banquet Pics: Click Here
(Available later in school year)

2. Where can I purchase event photos (prom, senior portraits, etc.)?

Sorry, but event photos are exclusively published in the SHS yearbook - to capture the memories, download a yearbook order form!!!

3. Do you accept items late?

NO and YES. Yearbook is a VERY deadline-driven endeavor. In order for us to get you the book on time, we must receive content on time to create the book and send it out for printing. If a senior-related form is submitted late we take the form, but NEVER PROMISE it will actually make it into the book. All on-time forms are processed first, the book is created, and if we have enough time, we go back and process late forms. In terms of baby photos we fill available spots on a first-come, first-serve basis. All on-time forms are guaranteed a spot. All late forms are only processed if spots remain and we have time to process them and meet our deadlines. All yearbook order forms will be returned if you don't use the proper form for the current date.

4. Do I have to get my senior photo taken by Grynn & Barrett Photography?

YES, however, you're not required to make any purchase. G&B is the exclusive portrait photographer for our yearbook program, meaning portraits will not be accepted from any other photographer, for any reason. If you're seeking to only have your yearbook photo taken by them, without purchasing a senior photo package, please tell them you would like to schedule a "Yearbook Only" photo session.

5. Who can attend photo re-take on photo makeup day?

ONLY students who were absent on the original school photo day or those who received prints with physical printing errors are allowed to attend. Students are not allowed to have photo makeups for subjective reasons (ie. don't like their smile, hair, etc.)

6. How do students join yearbook?

Yearbook is open to all grade levels; however, we have an in-depth application process. Students are accepted on the team based on their skillset and demonstration of being a deadline-driven team player. If you're interested in applying, click the application link, above. Each year we receive approximately 40 applications and build a team of approximately 15 students. The 15 team members are typically five or so students returning from the previous year and 10 new members from our application process.